Antique Wooden Wire Meter

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This striking, antique hardware store electric wire meter is all original except for a recent coat of varnish. These were used in retail and hardware stores to measure electrical wire and, I have been told, smaller diameter rope. You would take the end of the wire from the spool hung on the rack, run it through the geared meter, wrap it around the take-up spool and then start turning the take-up spool, as the counters tick off 10', 100' and 1,000'.

This beautiful old piece is in excellent working condition, and could be used or put on display. The overall condition of the wire meter is very good, with only a few age splits and a few glue joints letting loose (as can be seen in the photos below). The take-up spool looks a little rough, but I can assure you that it is very solid and could be re-glued if you felt it necessary.

Because of its size and weight this item is for local pick-up only, and cannot be shipped.

Price: $200.00
Local Pick-Up Only
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