Antique Wood & Iron Pulley

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This fine old wood and iron barn pulley is in very good condition. The antique, heavy duty barn pulley has been lightly cleaned and given a coat of high quality wood oil. This fascinating piece of farm history still sports its original store price ($5.75), and what is probably a stock number, both written in pencil on the frame.

As you can see in the photos below the antique wood has several age splits, but the pulley is still very solid, stable and usable if you so desire. The large wooden wheel is 7" in diameter and the total length of the pulley is 14", measuring to the top of the cast iron swiveling eye.

These old pulleys were commonly used in Iowa, espeically to help with hoisting hay into the hayloft. This very attractive and solid pulley could be put back to work just as it is, or would look great hanging on your wall as an interesting piece of rustic decor.

The antique pulley will ship to the lower 48 States by UPS Ground. All other locations are welcome to contact us for a shipping quote, and local pickup is always available.

Price: $140.00
Shipping: $14.00
(UPS Ground, Lower 48 States)

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