Antique Iron Road Grader

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This antique Western Wheeled Scraper Company road grader in very good condition for antique construction equipment. My best guess on age is 1891 - 1934.

As you can see in the photos below the grader is missing a few things. Top of the list would be the driver's seat (the seat brackets are there), and the gear and wheel to rotate the blade (the blade can still be turned by hand and the spring loaded lock still works). The operator's deck is gone (three of the four brackets are still there), and has been replaced with a piece of flat iron. The iron is welded in, and its position does not allow the axle to side shift.

The grader has several other old repairs, the most prominent being the ring gear, which is broken in two places. One of these breaks has been welded back together, but this doesn't matter much since the ring gear is bolted to the bull ring in several places, and the bull ring is solid.

This is a medium size grader with a six foot mow board. The axles are 8' 6" measuring center to center, and the rear wheels are 6' 8" wide measuring to the outside of the hubs.

The fantastic antique road grader is available for local pick-up only and cannot be shipped. We may be able to deliver it to your location for a fee, or can work with your freight or shipping services - please contact us if you'd like to discuss options.

Price: $2,150.00
Local Pick-Up Only
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