Antique Henry Troemner Scale

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This very rare, antique Henry Troemner brass and cast iron scale is in very good original condition with no damage or repairs. The scale was made by Henry Troemner of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It weighs in grams, so I am thinking it was once used in a pharmacy or scientific lab setting.

This beautiful, museum quality scale is mainly cast iron, though the slides, two small sliding weights and the gram scales are brass. It has most of its original paint, and hand painted pinstripes. When working with it indoors the balance is almost perfect (might need a little adjusting), but when I'm outside taking photos with the breeze blowing I had no such luck!

This rare beauty is approximately 33" long and 9 1/2" tall. The plate is 11" in diameter and the scale is heavy, weighing in at about 45lbs. This item is for local pick-up only and cannot be shipped. We might be able to deliver the scale to your location - contact us if you'd like to discuss delivery options.


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