Antique Cast Iron Footed Kettle

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This huge, footed cast iron kettle has its original hand-forged wrought iron handle. As you can see from the photos below the kettle has been painted and used as a planter, and there are a few 1/4" drainage holes drilled in the bottom (these could be welded).

The pot has a 3" long hairline crack that can be seen in the last two photos below (click any picture to see a larger image). The crack does not breach the rim, and the pot is still very solid. The hairline would be an easy fix if necessary. The slick looking spot that can be seen on the bottom of the pot in the second photo is ice - these photos were taken in March in northerm Iowa!

The bottom of the pot is embossed in large letters 'K X'. I don't know if that is a maker's mark or the size, which is approximately 15" tall with an inside diameter of 23 1/2".

Because of its size and weight this fantastic antique kettle is for local pick-up only, and cannot be shipped.

Price: $95.00
Local Pick Up Only
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