Antique Fire Hydrant

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This ornate antique fire hydrant is in very good condition, other than a little chipped and missing paint and plenty of rust. Because of the paint and wear I am hard pressed to read the patent dates (all from the late 1800's) or the maker's name, though I believe it is Eddy Valve Co., Waterford, N.Y.

As you can see in the pictures below there is a lot of nice casting on this old iron plug. The matching caps turn freely, and the brass nipples are leaded in place. The approximate dimensions are 30" tall and 10" diameter on the top flange. It weighs in at 100 pounds.

I am not shipping this old hydrant because of its size and weight, but if you would like to make arragements for packing and shipping with the UPS Pack Store in Fort Dodge, Iowa (515-955-5429) I will be happy to deliver it to them at no extra charge. Local pickup is always welcome - contact us for more information.


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Antique Cast Iron and Brass Fire Hydrant