Antique Horse-Drawn Implement Cart

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This rare, all metal antique implement cart would once have been hooked on behind horse drawn farm equipment that did not already have a seat, like a harrow, disk or packer. The seat and wheels swivel to keep the driver behind the equipment when making turns in the field, and the shafts are adjustable in width, to accomodate a wide range of different sized implements. Several of the cast iron parts on this antique cart have a two or three digit number preceeded by an 'H'.

I have lightly oiled the cart, both to protect the metal and to loosen the axle clamps so the shafts can be moved in and out. There are a few bent spokes and a little pitting where the wheels sat in the dirt for many years, and one of the boot pegs looks like it has either a poor casting, wear or damage, though it is still strong.

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