Decorative Brass Cannon

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This nice, vintage brass cannon with wood carriage is a unique piece of art. The cannon is not designed to be fired, and was built for decorative purposes only.

The brass barrel was cast in three different pieces (end cap, rear of barrel and front of barrel) and the threaded together. The barrel and all the hardware except the bolts are solid brass, and show some tarnish and patina. It is mounted on a hand made wooden carriage with cast iron wheels.

The barrel is approximately 31" long with a bore of 4.25" at the muzzle. With the barrel elevated as shown in the pictures below it is 23" tall, and the width of the carriage is 17" measuring to the outside of the wheels. I don't know for certain but would guess the piece weighs around 80lbs.

This item is for local pick-up only, and cannot be shipped due to its size and weight.

Price: $1,200.00
Local Pick-Up Only
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Vintage hand made decorative brass cannon with wooden carriage