Antique Metal Barn Cupola

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This large, hand made, antique tin barn cupola is in good to very good condition.

There are of course plenty of dents, dings, bullet holes, a couple of tears, and lots of surface rust, all of which can be seen in the photos below. There has been some repair and replacement work done to it. The cone is relatively new and the 6" tear has a patch riveted in place on the inside. Also there are a few rivets in two of the ornate gussets, a few more in one of the seams and it looks like a bit of e touch up paint here and there.

With all that said it is still very solid with a lot of life and character. The cupola could be put back into service, or would make an ideal display for your yard or favorite weather vane.

The antique cupola is approximately 6" tall to the top of the red cone. The base is 36" x 36" and the wind ring is 36" in diameter. The weight - and this is only a guess! - is about 50 pounds.

The cupola is for local pick-up only. We may be able to deliver the grinder to your location for a fee, or meet you on the road - please contact us if you'd like to discuss delivery options.

Price: $1,450.00
Local Pick-Up Only
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